Saturday, 18 September 2010

calm calm calm

This week has been mad and good and bad. These are parts of two strange but fun 5 hour drawing days that we did, who knew drawing for an entire day could tire you out so much.  It's been a blur of early starts, train times, walking up and down hills between buildings, heavy bags, lectures and drawing on big scales. blur is the word. Hopefully next week everything will have calmed down a bit, I begin on monday morning with a full day of measured drawing. If you've never done it before, it's the kind of drawing that frustrates and makes your vision fail you about an hour in, you have to really really look and be as correct as possible, some love it, i am not sure how or why.
This monday my dad gave me his old iphone, and got my contract changed for it somehow, extremely lucky! how lovely are these hipstamatic prints, i wish my film camera produced the same beautiful haphazard effects.
This morning i have done nothing at all, it has been bliss. Drinking tea and listening to this beautiful song  (its starts about 50 seconds in)
This afternoon i am planning my colonel mustard outfit for tomorrow's cluedo party at my sisters, and Amy moves into her new home for the year so i am going to help her get sorted. Exciting!

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  1. My, what a lovely blog we have here! I followed you this morning, and I was so delighted to come online this night to see another sweet post from you, my lovely. Your blog is pretty, subtle and interesting in such an understated way it makes my heart go a-flutter. Thank you for being so majestic and beautiful and all of that, darling.

    Also, your name is simply stunning. As are you, however. I hope you enjoy your Sunday!

    Much Love,

    'lets run away' @