Friday, 27 August 2010

This is what I love..

1. I love to notice the unnoticed, quiet and beautiful. To be inspired and collect.
I found all these things on long rambling walks or in the hedge, on the street or in our tiny garden, for an extremely exciting textiles project. I still have most of them in tins and jars around my room like flowers or jewellery "Natural curiosities" I like to call them.

I am blessed with a beautiful view from my bedroom window which never ceases to amaze me.
2. I love to make. These are my Shoes about sisters and handmade poppy heads.
Trapped flowers in my own (wibbelywobbly) handmade felt with lots of lace and embroidery. And spindly, tall poppy heads. Delicate is the answer.

3. I love love paint. Colour mixing is my favourite thing. I thoroughly enjoy forcing my sisters to be my beautiful models, and getting paint on all of my nice dresses (always accidentally may i add, but this is something i should be more concerned about). I recently bought myself an easel, I felt triumphant and we carried the huge thing out of the shop, possibly the best thing i've ever bought. Long shall the geekery continue i hope. Painting is also the cause of much frustration i.e. i've been working on one for almost 3 months, and cant get it right. Battle.

ps. today i wrecked my ipod touch by dropping it out of the car as i opened the door, the whole (already cracked) screen was shattered and now shows only white, un fixable i think :(. I wish i was less clumsy!!


  1. India your paintings are absolutely AMAZING. Do you have a gallery yet? Are you selling your work anywhere? If not YOU SHOULD. I would buy it. Am blown away, really.

  2. thanks. hmm no i haven't though i've had the chance to this summer but right now they are far too precious to me! i'm sure i will let some go at some point soon.

  3. awesome paintings, thanks for sharing!

  4. Hey, I love you work! Very beautiful. I tried finding an email, is there any way i could reach you to possible to some album art work?
    Heres my email